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Kadyn Cole

The Lyons Aviation Foundation is proud to presenT
2024 Scholarship Recipient
kadyn cole

Farmington, MO, 25 April 2024 – Kadyn Cole received a scholarship in the amount of $1500 from the Lyons Aviation Foundation.

At just eight-years-old, Kadyn Cole knew he wanted to become a pilot. On a visit to see his grandmother at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Kadyn saw an air show that showcased the USAF Thunderbirds and was treated to a performance in the sky like no other. Since that moment, Kadyn knew what career path he wanted to be on and has set himself up to achieve this goal through his education and training, and has even more assurance now courtesy of his award of the Lyons Aviation Foundation Scholarship.

In the span of a year, Kadyn has completed a rigorous amount of flight training at a consistent pace. His first memory was his discovery flight where Kadyn flew around Farmington, Missouri, where he’d lived for most of his life. However, his favorite memory also took place in the Missouri skies, this time at night where he was able to see the St. Louis skyline lit up in its entirety. He and his CFI tried to get as close as they could to the city and enjoyed a three and a half hour flight time that solidified his passion for aviation and dream of becoming a pilot.

So far, Kadyn has completed most of his training and the necessary hours for solo cross country, solo time, and night cross country. He’s perfecting his maneuvers and learning to not only become a better pilot, but a better leader and individual as well. With the Lyons Aviation Foundation Scholarship, Kadyn plans to cover the remaining expenses in order to obtain his PPL. While doing this, Kadyn is also planning on earning his associate’s degree from Mineral Area College before attending the flight program at Saint Louis University next fall where he will pursue a Bachelor;s Degree in Aeronautical Science & Aviation. Clearly, Kadyn’s motivation and dedication to pursuing his goal is a testament to what he could possibly achieve in the future.

About The Lyons Aviation Foundation:

The Lyons Aviation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit private foundation that exists to support and encourage the next generation of pilots and aviators through offering financial scholarships to deserving young persons who are pursuing their Private Pilot Certificate. The Lyons family has been involved in and maintained a history of aviation-related careers for over 66 years.  The Lyons Aviation Foundation story started with Rolf C. Lyons, when he entered military service at the age of 17, enlisting in the United States Air Force in 1955, with his sons later following in his footsteps. This foundation was born out of a desire to give back to the aviation community and the future pilots, mechanics, and engineers working in the field by providing an opportunity to those that might not otherwise have the means to pursue aviation as a career path.  This foundation is a living tribute to a family story and its ties to aviation, military service, and one another.  More information can be found at www.lyonsaviation.org.

“A Helping Hand on the Road to Wings”

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