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Ron Akers

The Lyons Aviation Foundation is proud to presenT
2022 Scholarship Recipient
Ron Akers

Dreaming of Becoming a Fighter Pilot

Glendale, AZ; 25 April 2022 – Ron Akers, who is a crew chief in the United States Air Force and attends American Military University online, received a scholarship in the amount of $1,500 from the Lyons Aviation Foundation to support him to begin his flight training as he pursues a private pilot certificate as the first step towards becoming a fighter pilot for the USAF.

            Ron grew up, inspired by the men and women who serve.  His grandmother worked as a janitor on an Air Force base, and as a child, he often went with her to help vacuum offices and empty trash on Saturdays.  He remembers a colonel who would come in on some of those Saturday mornings to catch up on work, but he also took Ron under his wing and told him what it was like to be in the military, told him about the different planes, and who those men were that walked around in the flight suits.  His grandmother further inspired him by getting him model planes to put together, and later, a radio-controlled aircraft kit.  He enlisted in 2019 in the US Air Force as a crew chief for F35 stealth fighter planes, and expects to graduate with a BA in History, and earn his commission in 2023.  Ron is also the father of a beautiful girl and loves spending any free time he has going to the park and enjoying time with family.


Ron Akers with Board Member, Mike Lyons


About The Lyons Aviation Foundation:

The Lyons Aviation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit private foundation that exists to support and encourage the next generation of pilots and aviators through offering financial scholarships to deserving young persons who are pursuing their Private Pilot Certificate. The Lyons family has been involved in and maintained a history of aviation-related careers for over 66 years.  The Lyons Aviation Foundation story started with Rolf C. Lyons, when he entered military service at the age of 17, enlisting in the United States Air Force in 1955, with his sons later following in his footsteps. This foundation was born out of a desire to give back to the aviation community and the future pilots, mechanics, and engineers working in the field by providing an opportunity to those that might not otherwise have the means to pursue aviation as a career path.  This foundation is a living tribute to a family story and its ties to aviation, military service, and one another.  More information can be found at www.lyonsaviation.org.

“A Helping Hand on the Road to Wings”

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