2021 Scholarship Recipients Update

In 2021, there were five scholarships that were awarded through the Lyons Aviation Foundation.  Over the holidays, we took a little time to catch up with our recipients and see how they are doing.  Mikey Doyle is a Junior at West Ashley High School in Charleston, SC.  He used the scholarship towards earning his private pilot license and did his Check Ride on December 11th.  In March, he’ll be applying to the Air Force Academy, and he’s working on building hours towards his instrument rating to soar through the clouds.  In 2022, he’s hoping that covid will disappear and that he can fly to at least 30 new places.


Philip Krzyszton is at Northwind Community Technical School and was able to finish getting his private pilot license this fall.  He is working on his ground schooling now and will do the flight training for his instrument license this coming summer.  Unlike some, Philip has said that covid actually helped him achieve his goals because there was more time to concentrate on flying and studying.


After graduating from high school, Collin Manning joined the United States Air Force, and is currently in California at linguistics school learning Farsi.


Veda Miles is a freshman at the University of North Dakota studying commercial aviation, and has just signed up for the Army ROTC program at her school.  She is hoping to complete her private pilot license next month, and eventually wants to use her skills in military aviation operations.


Finally, Levin So lives in Honolulu, and completed his private pilot license training in June before heading off to school at Perdue University in Indiana where he is studying to be a flight training professional and eventually wants to be a commercial airline pilot.  He doesn’t get as many opportunities to fly in Hawaii, but through his flight lab classes at school, he currently gets to fly two to three times a week.  In 2022, he’s looking forward to (hopefully) less restrictions due to covid and more flying opportunities.


The application window for 2022 scholarship applications is still open through 15 January, 2022, and scholarship recipients will be identified in April, 2022.  If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a Lyons Aviation Foundation Scholarship, please see our website for more information, the application process, and all applicable deadlines.