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Mark lYons

Mark is currently a 757 Captain at a major US Airline .  He is also a Lt Colonel, retired, from the US Air Force.  A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he has been actively flying for over 33 years.  He earned he wings in 1988, graduating from military pilot training at Williams AFB, AZ.   Since then he has flown the T-37, T-38, B-52, T-41, E-3, T-1, B737, A320, CRJ50, CRJ70, B777 and the B787. 

He’s amassed over 15,000 flight hours.   He holds a Bachelor of Science from the Air Force Academy in Space Operations and a Master of Engineering in Aerospace Sciences from the University of Colorado. He’s flown all over the world both for the military and commercial airlines.  

He’s passionate about building his family’s foundation and giving back to the world of aviation.